Our Dentists

We’re not sure if we are really good at picking great people or get really lucky, and only the best people apply to come to work with us!

Either way, we are blessed with a team unlike any other in the dental field (in the best way, of course). They know their stuff, are fun and have hearts three sizes bigger than most.

Our team is everything good: professional, dedicated, educated, knowledgeable, and so much more. Our team cares about every one of our clients and genuinely wants you to receive the best care possible every time you come through our doors.

You won’t meet a brighter, friendlier, more engaged group of people than those that make up the Mann Dental team. They have a reputation for excellence, caring, and compassion unequalled in our industry. And, what’s more, they really like each other too. They make every day at Mann Dental one to look forward to.


Our Dentists:

We take pride in providing you with optimal oral health care. What’s more, we make sure we do it with joy and a smile. Our Mann Dental team is comprised of wonderful dentists who care and deliver their best every day. We can’t wait for you to get to know them.